Our Company

Started in 1979 as 'N.A.M.A.C. Onderdelenservice' by the Nederlandse Algemene Miniatuur Auto Club. On 1st June 1980, this part service was overtaken by us and continued as 'Modeltruck Onderdelen Service', provisionally still as part-time company.
Then, on 1st of October 2002, this activity became full-time and we went on as 'Modeltruck Onderdelen Service V.o.f.'.
During this time our activity has grown to a 'specialization in parts for model trucks scale 1:50'.

Today we offer a wide range of parts and kits from Tekno, kits of model trucks from Minitrucks and MJM, accessories in white metal, metal, and plastic and also stickers/transfers. Next to this we also offer truck models, crane models and construction equipment models. We supply collectors, re-sellers and the scale models industry.
The major part of our delivery program is presented at this site. If you need parts or kits that aren't available at the site, please contact us. It may be that we can be of help anyway.

If you are interested in our program, our price list is visible on this Page